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Welcome to Julmyra Horse Center

Julmyra horse center is one off Scandinavias largest training facilities for trotters with 590ac and many different training tracks.
​​​​​​​Its Beautifully located in an amazing environment of Heby kommun, and still just one hour away from Sweden’s capital city Stockholm and main racetrack Solvalla home off the Elitlopp.


Price for our work to a better environment.

We are very proud to have received LÖVSAS HÅLLBARHETSPRIS 2020, for our work to tyr to create a better environment for both horses and humans at our farm.
Parts of the Jurys motivation
  • For over 9 years has Julmyra horse center worked with finding improved solution to reduce the nutrients from the horse manure.
  • By working together with the authorities, farms and stables Julmyra horse center is a great example and role model how to reduce the nutrients to nearby lakes and creeks.
  • By attending seminaries and always keeping their facility open for visitors to study the different improvements, is Julmyra horse center sharing their knowledge with others.
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​​​​​​Great Beginning of 2020!!

The weather here in Sweden have really put use all up for a test of patience with extremely much rain and deep frost that are setting in one day and defrosting again the next.
We are so happy and proud of all our trainers here at Julmyra that just have kept on working and there accomplishments so far this year. So far this year they have been taking 22 victories and made 2 million crowns.
3 of the 22 wins have been at V75, Stall Philip´´´  s GREEN MAMBA toke her V75 win in almost an impossible way after a remarkable recovery after her break in the start.
Katja Melkkos ELIAN WEB has been taking 2 V75 Wins so far this year and among others defeated Propulsion.
4 of our trainers have over 30% of wins and one of them that have the most wins is Björn Röcklinger with 6 wins so far.

Dennis Palmqvist is not far behind with 4 wins so far. One of them is the 3-year old Super Class CH. Palmqvist have also done very good in Frans this winter with Minnestads El Paso
Roman Matzky and Reijo Liljendahl have one win each and the remaining trainers here at Julmyra  have also done very well so far and a win seems to be right around the corner.


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